Valentines Massage

Celebrated and acknowledged publicly the world over on February 14 across many cultures Valentines Day symbolises love. More and more cultures across the world are defying traditional beliefs and laws to celebrate this day privately with their loved ones as the Christian significance behind the origins lose its meaning.

Whatever your beliefs, the translation and true origin of Valentine’s Day has changed throughout time.

These days, it represents an anniversary to celebrate with your loved ones, a chance to display a declaration of the affection you share with them.

And thankfully so.

If you book a massage to celebrate Valentines Day a complimentary bottle of champagne will accompany your massage. Just be sure to quote Valentines Massage.

We’ve got 5 guilt free reasons why a therapeutic massage or bowen treatment is so sooo good for you!

  1. Certain chemicals located and released in the brain (endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin make up a list of about 20 chemicals), which influence specific areas of the brain and affect everything from mood, hunger and stress.
  2. Massage therapy is one of the oldest proven natural therapies for relieving muscular tension.
  3. Anxiety and stress trigger asthma in some people. A therapeutic massage will help to reduce these triggers, and can lessen the effects of asthma. Breathing and peak flow is improved by relaxing your muscles and opening up the airways of your lungs.
  4. Did you realise massage therapy can help to increase your joint flexibility and improve your posture? Our muscles lose size and strength as we age and contribute to many symptoms of old age. Muscular fatigue, weakness and low tolerance to exercise are just some of them.
  5. A massage provides you with valuable me-time and allows you to connect with yourself. With a regular massage the benefits far outweigh the negative. You will feel more relaxed, your health will improve not to mention your overall outlook. A happier, confident you.

When you book a one hour Therapeutic treatment or Bowen treatment with Toni at Toni Nicol therapies before February 14 and quote ♥ Valentines Massage you will receive a complimentary bottle of Champagne. Prior arrangement of 24 hours necessary to receive your complimentary bottle of champagne.

What can you expect at a Valentines Massage?

aromatouch1♥ Aromatherapy Massage

There’s nothing like experiencing a luxurious aromatherapy massage; subtle scented oils gliding over your body and stripping back the tension. The dōTERRA blends of essential aromatherapy oils used in the massage are deliciously fragrant and will enhance your Therapeutic or Bowen Massage further. Combined with the overall sense of well-being and serenity you feel when massaged; essential oils penetrate the skin where they kill germs and stimulate the immune system. Each oil has its own characteristics and works differently on the body. Oils are customised to your needs to deliver you an elusive massage.

premium-blissTherapeutic Massage

All massages are beneficial to you and your body. Each modality is different. A Therapeutic Massage with Toni Nicol therapies requires participation between Toni and yourself so that you can indicate which areas need to be targeted. It is more beneficial if you provide  feedback on pressure, how it feels and whether there are changes to the area massaged. There is a difference between a relaxation massage and a therapeutic massage. I can provide both.

Bowen Treatment

A Bowen session will last from between 30minutes to one hour. Bowen is a form of massage performed at intervals which allow the body to rest between soft tissue manipulation. Bowen can successfully treat most forms of musculoskeletal conditions from babies to the elderly. A certified Bowen Practitioner, Toni has been practising for over 10 years.



Toni's treatment has taken Bowen to a whole new level.



Toni treated my 5 week old baby boy with Bowen therapy because we were experiencing issues with feeding and lower wind. The Bowen treatment is just like baby massage, my baby was relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed his treatment. He was content and didn’t seem as agitated with wind pains. Over the coming days, I noticed even more changes. He was feeding better, sleeping better and happier. I would recommend Toni’s Bowen treatments to anyone but especially new babies.



Narelle BakesClient