Post Natal and Baby Bowen Massage


Post Natal and Baby Bowen Massage


Post Natal Massage is the one of the best ways to care for yourself and your baby after birth.

How Massage can assist you:

1. Lower back  pain
2. Neck and shoulder pain
3. Scar healing
4. Headaches
5. Hand /wrist pain
6. Depression
7. Weakness and Fatigue
8. Postural discomfort
9. Re-establish pelvic alignment
10. Support healthy lactation
11. Reduces stress hormones




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Please, a common sense approach must be cautioned for all massages, and is important for this one too.

If something does not feel right, contact your doctor for his/her opinion.

Please drink enough fluids after treatment to clear toxins from your body.

Generally, if un-used to regular massage treatments a Post Natal Massage is commenced one week after delivery; and only after zero complications.

One 15 minute Baby Bowen Massage is provided complimentary at the first Post Natal Massage visit.