Post Natal and Baby Bowen Massage

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Post Natal Massage is the one of the best ways to care for yourself and your baby after birth.

How Massage can assist you:

1. Lower back  pain
2. Neck and shoulder pain
3. Scar healing
4. Headaches
5. Hand /wrist pain
6. Depression
7. Weakness and Fatigue
8. Postural discomfort
9. Re-establish pelvic alignment
10. Support healthy lactation
11. Reduces stress hormones




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Please, a common sense approach must be cautioned for all massages, and is important for this one too.

If something does not feel right, contact your doctor for his/her opinion.

Please drink enough fluids after treatment to clear toxins from your body.

Generally, if un-used to regular massage treatments a Post Natal Massage is commenced one week after delivery; and only after zero complications.

One 15 minute Baby Bowen Massage is provided complimentary at the first Post Natal Massage visit.