Baby Bowen


Contact Toni to find out the real benefits of Baby Bowen and discover the positive healing effects Bowen Therapy can have for you and your baby.

Prices vary on treatments.

A Baby Bowen session can last anywhere between 15 minutes to 30 minutes which is dependent on the age of baby, degree of modality required and of course the temperament and restlessness of babe.

$20 single visit; $50 for three sessions.

This service at these prices is an in-clinic service only.

Additional charges will be incurred if a mobile service required and will depend on availability and location.



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Bowen Therapy is a nationally recognised complementary therapy suitable for newborns and young babies. It is safe. It is natural. It is effective.

Bowen can assist your baby with restlessness; colic and reflux.

It is highly recommended that your treatment plan is no shorter than 3 sessions.


Baby Bowen is gentle, safe and non-invasive. It is a simple, soothing modality and often practiced as a last-resort when bub is not feeding properly, has trouble sleeping or appears to scream for no reason at all.

Don’t put up with it – get help now so that bub is calmer. It is amazing how much a screaming baby affects everyone in the household.

Toni's treatment has taken Bowen to a whole new level.



Toni treated my 5 week old baby boy with Bowen therapy because we were experiencing issues with feeding and lower wind. The Bowen treatment is just like baby massage, my baby was relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed his treatment. He was content and didn’t seem as agitated with wind pains. Over the coming days, I noticed even more changes. He was feeding better, sleeping better and happier. I would recommend Toni’s Bowen treatments to anyone but especially new babies.



Narelle BakesClient


My wife and I were having aches and pains. A relative recommended Bowen Therapy, we searched the internet and found Toni. That was over five years ago. Toni is not only knowledgeable, but is also caring as well as sensitive to our needs. After treatment we feel a lot more relaxed.



I and J FindleyCoolangatta, Qld