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Toni Nicol therapies regularly help treat a variety of complaints, from chronic pain, cancer pain, musculoskletal pain to relaxation with Bowen Therapy.
The treatment of Bowen and it's frequent rests between sequences changes the body's nervous system from the flight or fight response to a rest and repair mode. It's gentle, safe and non-invasive and suitable for babies to the elderly for a myriad of ailments.


Toni has also been able to target constricted nerves in my arms which hampers my sleep at night. When I have this treatment I find that my sleep is improved as I don’t wake with pins and needles in my hands. | Kathy

Gentle. Safe. Non-Invasive.

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Your body is rapidly undergoing many changes to cope with pregnancy. Bowen can help with the transition of hormonal changes, pelvic tilt, and your expanding pregnancy belly.
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Oncology Massage is a powerful ally to treat and manage cancer pain. Oncology Massage is a specialised massage and can help you or your loved one manage pain, nausea and fatigue or deal with anxiety and depression.
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Toni's treatment has taken Bowen to a whole new level.



Toni treated my 5 week old baby boy with Bowen therapy because we were experiencing issues with feeding and lower wind. The Bowen treatment is just like baby massage, my baby was relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed his treatment. He was content and didn’t seem as agitated with wind pains. Over the coming days, I noticed even more changes. He was feeding better, sleeping better and happier. I would recommend Toni’s Bowen treatments to anyone but especially new babies.



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