Pregnancy Massage


A relaxing pregnancy massage with the support of pillows can help to ease muscle tension during any stage of your pregnancy. A pregnancy massage is available after first trimester and only while you are comfortable.

A pregnancy massage can assist with reducing stress hormones, anxiety and alleviating nausea and heartburn. It has been known to relieve everyday discomforts of pregnancy from sore backs and heaviness to swelling of the ankles and feet. A therapeutic pregnancy massage can also relieve sciatic nerve pain and improve sleep. One of the most important factors of a relaxing pregnancy massage is that it allows women the opportunity to completely stop and have time just for them.

This treatment package can be as long or as short as you wish.

Did you know?

A Bowen treatment can also assist with fertility by helping both partners to reach their optimum physical, emotional and mental peak so that conception can occur naturally.

By being relaxed, rebalanced and detoxed, the body will be in a healthy state for becoming pregnant.

By incorporating a Bowen technique into this massage, it can then provide a far greater benefit the mother to be, with many of the changes that occur through pregnancy, morning sickness, tiredness and fatigue, back pain, sciatica, neck and shoulder tension, breast tenderness, aching legs, swollen ankles, mood swings, constipation, and digestive problems.


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Pregnancy Massage uses the principles based on Swedish Massage techniques, because of its benefits in reducing muscle tension and improving blood flow and of it gentle quality.  Toni Nicol therapies specialised pregnancy massage can assist with reducing stress hormones that play havoc with our bodies when pregnant and help relieve symptoms of nausea and heartburn. My treatment will help you feel relaxed so that typically anxiety will be reduced. Regular massage can help relieve everyday discomforts of pregnancy, sore backs, sciatic nerve pain; it also improves circulation and assist with fluid reduction of the ankles and feet. With regular massage and relaxation treatments you may also find the quality of your sleep improve.

Toni Nicol therapies Pregnancy Massage with Bowen is a treatment formulated to provide a therapeutic and relaxing massage dedicated to providing women the opportunity to completely stop, unwind and have some time just for themselves.

This modality is successful in reducing muscle tension, improving blood flow and circulation. It is popular primarily because of its gentle quality.

Some precautions must be considered with this type of massage and can be discussed at the time of booking.

Positioning is considered for pregnancy massage as comfort and support is required.

Your overall comfort is my priority.

Enquire or book a pregnancy massage with Toni Nicol therapies for you or your loved one.

Indications from a 2010 study of massage during pregnancy and even labour; have shown strong and favourable outcomes in the health and well-being of women using this treatment. Women who regularly participate in this activity appear to suffer less depression during pregnancy and were prone to fewer prenatal complications. Back pain in most women in the three studies were reduced by the inclusion of massage in their lifestyle. These findings also suggest that women who use massage as a complimentary therapy during labour found their pain thresh-hold higher in the early stages of labour with up to 3 hour reduction in the total length of labour.*

*Sources of reference for the above point:

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Published in final edited form as: Expert Rev Obstet Gynecol. 2010 Mar; 5(2): 177–181. doi: 10.1586/eog.10.12

Additional information


Please note: clients who suffer from the following conditions should not proceed with this treatment.
Pregnancy complications e.g. history of pre-term delivery, hypertension, pre-eclampsia, placenta praevia. Any of these conditions will require a medical clearance
1st trimester of pregnancy
High blood pressure – not controlled with medication
Epilepsy – not controlled with medication
Fever, vomiting, diarrhea or a rash in the last 24 hours
Hepatitis B or C with an open wound
Heart condition (onset in the last 6 months)
Person under the influence of drugs or alcohol
Recent surgery/accident
Skin infection including bacterial, fungal and viral
Bleeding disorder or taking warfarin or steroid medication
Major surgery in the last six months

All treatments are subject to a completed medical questionnaire prior to massage/therapy. Please allow additional time for initial consultation.


Please note: Your time is valuable. Please ensure you arrive at least five minutes early prior to your appointment so that can relax and your treatment can commence immediately.
This treatment is designed to be tailor-made for your requests and comfort.
It is important to drink plenty of water after the treatment and to avoid caffeine based drinks, alcohol and a heavy meal.

Toni's treatment has taken Bowen to a whole new level.



Toni treated my 5 week old baby boy with Bowen therapy because we were experiencing issues with feeding and lower wind. The Bowen treatment is just like baby massage, my baby was relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed his treatment. He was content and didn’t seem as agitated with wind pains. Over the coming days, I noticed even more changes. He was feeding better, sleeping better and happier. I would recommend Toni’s Bowen treatments to anyone but especially new babies.



Narelle BakesClient