Post Natal and Baby Massage

Post Natal and Baby Massage

Post Natal Massage is the one of the best ways to care for yourself and your baby after birth.

Why is Post Natal Massage so important?


Your body has just been through so many changes emotionally, physically and hormonally. Giving birth can be exhilarating but also exhausting and sometimes traumatic.

Post natal massage encourages your body to produce ‘oxytocin’. Production of oxytocin induces the body to ‘let-down’ reflex from your breast stimulating milk production.

You can softly massage your breasts yourself with soft gentle strokes to help open blocked ducts, loosen hardened areas and reduce the risk of painful mastitis.

With regular post natal massage the risk of postnatal depression is reduced, helping you to cope with everyday demands placed on you by your bub, yourself and your family.

Endorphins produced naturally from a soothing, relaxing massage will also encourage better sleep; and this is something you will need to be able to better cope with the demands of a newborn baby.

Post Natal Massage can assist with

1. Lower back  pain
2. Neck and shoulder pain
3. Scar healing
4. Headaches
5. Hand /wrist pain
6. Depression
7. Weakness and Fatigue
8. Postural discomfort
9. Re-establish pelvic alignment
10. Support healthy lactation
11. Reduces stress hormones


Baby-BowenNew mums need to take care of themselves while caring for a new baby.

Baby Bowen and Massage is also extremely effective in assisting to balance the nervous system. It  helps babies who have suffered birth trauma, tense muscles as well as immature digestive systems.
It is very gentle, it helps calm the baby and can assist with:

1. Issues of neck tension
2. Unsolved physical issues affecting bub as a result of a difficult or prolonged birth.
3. Aid digestion
4. Overloaded nervous system
5. Colic, internal discomfort, wind, gas, straining, bringing legs up

Sleep is improved, which makes a happy baby and helps mum get some well deserved rest as well.
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