Holiday Massage on the Coast

Holiday Massage on the Coast

Let’s face it, there’s nothing more decadent than a relaxing Therapeutic or Aromatherapy Massage to help you de-stress from the packing, travelling or kids arguing in the car.

A gentle Bowen Treatment can help soothe toxic muscular knots so that you can begin your holiday totally relaxed. Feel the tension slowly slip away, loosen muscle stiffness and provide almost instant relief for those contracted muscles.

It’s best to book your holiday massage early so that you can truly appreciate your vacation in a relaxed state of mind. Take full advantage of your break to recharge your mind, body and spirit with a soothing holiday massage on arrival.

Enjoy a deeply relaxing treatment session to help

  • Ease tension headaches
  • Increase and improve circulation
  • Relieve anxiety and depression
  • Improve the quality of your sleep (and we all know there’s nothing worse than not being able to sleep on your holidays)

A whole body massage is perfect if you need to relax or soothe tired, aching muscles or reduce muscle spasms leaving you in a state of calm and feeling rejuvenated. Or target those problem areas in your neck, shoulders and scalp to relieve tension.

Toni’s combination of strokes, rhythm, sense of pressure and myofascial release therapy all ensure your body repairs itself holistically, naturally, gently.

Toni Nicol therapies have a comprehensive selection of affordable bodywork packages available to help you unwind.

A customised treatment plan will be discussed prior to your session to work out what trigger points need to be worked on so you can get down to business of enjoying your holiday.

Toni Nicol therapies specialises in Relaxation and Therapeutic Massage as well as Bowen Therapy including Aromatherapy Massage, Pregnancy and Baby Bowen, Post Natal Massage and Senior Massage. As a certified Bowen practitioner Toni’s qualifications extend to specialised cancer care in Oncology Massage and can also assist you with gentle comfort care during Palliative Care.

Book your Relaxation, Therapeutic or Bowen Massage with Toni at Toni Nicol therapies on 0417 064 955 for treatment on the Gold Coast, Coolangatta, Tugun, Rainbow Bay and Tweed Heads.

You can purchase a Gift Voucher through Toni Nicol therapies for your partner by contacting us via email. The certificate can be emailed to you prior or presented on arrival for your appointment.




Toni Nicol therapies is a registered Therapeutic and Bowen Therapy practice. Neither the staff or owner/operator will tolerate requests that are suggestive, evocative or promote sexual behaviour.