What’s up? You have an unexplained illness and don’t know why

What’s up? You have an unexplained illness and don’t know why

You know something’s wrong and you just can’t put your finger on it?

Often times we feel unwell but just can’t put a cause to it, you could be suffering from Ileocaecal Valve Syndrome.

The what?

large-intestineIn layman’s terms – the Ileocaecal Valve is a small sphincter-like muscle, which connects the ileum of the small intestine to the cecum in the large. It’s role is fairly simple as it is supposed to stay closed most of the time, this limits backflow from the large intestine. It does open briefly to let the contents from the small intestine flow through and will reclose quickly. This action controls the flow of digested food as it leaves the small intestines and moves into the large intestines; where waste products are made.

Its purpose is critical for your digestive system. It simply would not be healthy for the flora of your gut to allow the rubbish back in. When the ICV remains open for too long the muscle becomes irritated and inflamed. Most often the trouble will start because of the inflammation, as it is too sore to close.

ICV Syndrome is often difficult to diagnose and can give rise to a long list of distressing symptoms. It is one of the greatest mimickers for so many symptoms because toxic products are absorbed by the Ileum.

The following is a small list of symptomatic indicators that are common with ICV:

Abdominal pain

Grumbling appendix

Groin pain


Bad Breath


Blurred vision



Chronic fatigue

Chest pains



Elbow pain


Stiff neck


Knee pain

Shoulder pain

And the he list goes on… all of the above symptoms are affected by the nervous system; and strangely enough different symptoms are the cause of whether the valve is stuck open or closed.

Before I begin a Bowen Therapy Treatment I use Kinesiology to test your ICV to see if it’s functioning properly. 

If I find it is not functioning properly I will incorporate the appropriate Bowen moves in your treatment to get it working effectively again. After the session I will then again test and you will be amazed at the result.

Aside from the obvious – over-indulgence; spicy foods, seeds and nuts;  and even too much raw food affect the digestive system. Caffeinated products, sensitivity to food and food allergies will also irritate the Ileocaecum.  There are also other factors which can contribute to the Ileocaecal Valve to becoming inflamed.

Did you know the digestive system also affects your body… over-tiredness due to straining the structure of the muscles, bones and organs, or lack of exercise can upset the functioning of the digestive system.

Most people will never think to connect electro-magnetic pollution, radiation, microwaves, mobile phones and deficiencies in acupuncture meridians with digestive problems. Yet they do. Our body produces small electric currents which promote growth, metabolism, thought and movement. The human body is super sensitive to these pulses. Conflict occurs when exposure to external electrical influences such as mobile phones, wi-fi lap tops, microwaves etc occur near-by. Think of a magnet and the two forces opposing each other. Even a weak external pulse can sometimes throw the body’s system out of whack.

Like most of us, we can all understand the symptoms that physically irritate or inflame the Ileocaecum but when it comes the emotional aspects and how it affects the body; consider this: the body when under stress or duress produces additional hormones. Depending on the stress we place on our bodies the two main influences of the nervous system are the Sympathetic Nervous System (the “flight or fight” response caused by too much blood being shunted to organs and limbs which affect movement depleting the blood supply from other areas) and the Parasympathetic Nervous System (which controls physiological side of the nervous system affecting digestive secretions, slows the heart, constricts pupils and dilates the blood vessels). Both SNS and PSNS affect the Ileocaecum causing it to either shut down and stay closed or remain open for too long and releasing the contents too fast.

Next time you feel there is something not quite right; and you know there is nothing medically wrong, think of the Ileocaecum.

I can help ease your pain if you are suffering from an irritated or inflamed Ileocaecum Valve, with the correct Bowen treatment.
You can make having a regular Bowen treatment once a month as part of your total health regime without the guilt factor.


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