Oncology Massage

Oncology Massage

Oncology Massage

Time Dur: 30-60minutes$30.00 & $60.00

Oncology Massage is very gentle and slow; more so than other therapeutic forms of massage. Treatments are generally shorter. All treatments are tailored to the clients needs and  circumstance and a treatment plan is discussed.
It is my focus to minimise the clients discomfort which can be brought on by their medical treatments and give them some time to enjoy touch, as so many procedures during cancer treatment can be necessary, but unpleasant experiences.

Oncology Massage can assist in helping with reducing fatigue, anxiety, nausea, constipation, and help improve psychological well being.

It is very safe and a powerful tool to help people cope with their treatment. Oncology Massage is for people, with a history or diagnosis of cancer.

Oncology Massage Training

Oncology Massage Training is a nationally and internationally accredited not for profit training charity. It is dedicated to training fully qualified massage and Bowen therapists to treat those with a diagnosis or history of cancer effectively and safely. It aims to ensure national benchmarks and standards of care are met by its therapists. The four module program is based on a program that has been running for more than 10 years in the United States. Oncology Massage Training is an internationally recognised course with the Society for Oncology Massage – S4OM.

Australian Natural Therapists Association

The Australian Natural Therapists Association (INTA) is a natural therapy training association who work in the areas of health care and complimentary medicine. INTA is linked to the Natural Therapy Pages and its schools of natural medicine. Natural Therapy Pages is Australia’s number 1 natural therapies and natural health site.

Bowen Therapeutists Federation of Australia

The Bowen Therapeutists Federation of Australia exists to ensure high standards of practice, professional development and client care. The Bowen Therapists Federation of Australia Inc. (BTFA) (Reg’d No. A0037328E) was incorporated in 1998 and is the parent body of all the State Associations of Bowen Therapists of Australia. Bowen Therapists Associations were formed by groups of devoted and learned practitioners in the states and territories who wished to have a voice in the future of their own profession and the BTFA was formed as a national body to represent them collectively at the national level. The BTFA also meets all the criteria to be an approving body under the Federal Government Health Service Providers Act of 2007. The BTFA is a non profit organisation and run by an elected executive committee from the state and territory membership body. The Federal body’s main role is to advise and formulate new policies, ensure professional practice, teaching/training and education standards and promote the awareness and effectiveness of Bowen throughout Australia and the world.

  • Oncology Massage is an acknowledged, certified, specialist treatment
  • A customised treatment plan can be arranged to suit your individual needs
  • Let Toni Nicol therapies help relieve cancer pain, nausea and anxiety on your cancer journey
  • Gentle, drug-free, hands-on therapy
  • Complimentary therapy which will not compromise traditional and alternative medicines/treatments


As an Oncology patient for the last 5 months, Toni has been a great help to me getting over my anxiety to the chemotherapy, treating me with Oncology Massage. I found that the symptoms of nausea I have been suffering has also improved significantly.
I thank you Toni, and would recommend her treatments to anyone undergoing cancer treatment.


Toni's treatment has taken Bowen to a whole new level.

Jane, Currumbin


Toni treated my 5 week old baby boy with Bowen therapy because we were experiencing issues with feeding and lower wind. The Bowen treatment is just like baby massage, my baby was relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed his treatment. He was content and didn’t seem as agitated with wind pains. Over the coming days, I noticed even more changes. He was feeding better, sleeping better and happier. I would recommend Toni’s Bowen treatments to anyone but especially new babies.



Narelle Bakes, Client


My wife and I were having aches and pains. A relative recommended Bowen Therapy, we searched the internet and found Toni. That was over five years ago. Toni is not only knowledgeable, but is also caring as well as sensitive to our needs. After treatment we feel a lot more relaxed.



I and J Findley, Coolangatta, Qld