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Bowen Massage is safe, effective therapy to reduce a myriad of illnesses.

3 Treatment Bowen

Gentle, effective, balancing, pain relief for a wide range of conditions. Safe for all ages from babies to the elderly. Can be done through light clothing. This treatment affords great results from a very gentle technique.
You can choose either a Bowen Treatment or Therapeutic Massage.

Both massage treatments use different techniques.

Bowen Treatments should be scheduled 5-7 days apart and an initial set of 3 treatments is recommended in order to establish whether the client is likely to respond to the treatment.
Some people will experience relief after just one treatment and  significant resolution or recovery within three sessions.
However chronic or long standing conditions or repeat injury may require additional treatments and possibly a regular treatment plan.
If after three treatments there is no noticeable improvement or relief, it is advised to consult your doctor.
As Toni Nicol therapies understand the benefits of receiving 3 treatments, you are given a discount if you book three treatments one week apart at your initial consultation.


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Toni Nicol Therapies offers holistic healing and relaxation using Bowen Therapy and Massage. Clients from as far afield as Christmas Creek, Lamington to the Tweed utilise Toni's tailored bodywork treatment plans to promote general health and well-being.