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I offer massage for palliative care or your carer to help with chronic illness.

Palliative | Comfort Cares for Chronic Illness

Pain, anxiety and depression are symptomatic of anyone faced with chronic illness or end of life.

While drugs can reduce symptoms, they don’t always work and produce side effects. A gentle and soothing Massage can help break the pattern of pain and suffering, offering brief physical and psychological benefits.

Psychologically, massage is relaxing, releases natural endorphins and distracts temporarily from pain and depression.

Providing massage to clients suffering a chronic or terminal illness or close to end of life requires not only skill but also compassion and patience.

I can help you with your loved one so that you can offer a comforting touch while at home, in the hospital bedside or hospice. Feelings of overwhelming helplessness can be subdued by the healing properties of touch in situations that often can not be controlled in palliative care.

Variations according to duration of treatment, location and modality will require an adjustment to outlined prices.

Specialised treatment plan based on 30 minutes and 60 minutes will afford client $30 and $60 respectively.

Clients are advised to provide documentation of complete medical history at initial consultation whereby a treatment plan can be discussed and tailored to suit changing needs.



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Toni Nicol Therapies offers holistic healing and relaxation using Bowen Therapy and Massage. Clients from as far afield as Christmas Creek, Lamington to the Tweed utilise Toni's tailored bodywork treatment plans to promote general health and well-being.