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Premium Bliss

An indulgent 70 minute therapeutic and relaxation treatment which will leave your body in unadulterated pure pleasure and feeling totally relaxed.

The premium treatment focuses on the head, shoulders, back, legs and feet and uses a combination of the best traditional and therapeutic modalities (from Swedish Massage, Accupressure, Therapeutic, Relaxation, Reflexology, Aroma Touch and Bowen) separating tensions and leaving your body to melt in total relaxation.

The healing properties of the various techniques allow the body to succumb to a state of rest. When the body is in a state of rest, muscular inflammation is reduced. At the same time oxygen is increased in the blood and blood flow or circulation is improved. All of this assists ridding the body of toxins and allows the body to heal naturally.

Make this part of your regular health regime to help you feel more relaxed and less stressed. Continued muscular pain is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society. You can take preventative measures to alleviate the stresses placed on your body by participating in a relaxing massage or bowen treatment that is a pleasure.


Author Info

Toni Nicol Therapies offers holistic healing and relaxation using Bowen Therapy and Massage. Clients from as far afield as Christmas Creek, Lamington to the Tweed utilise Toni's tailored bodywork treatment plans to promote general health and well-being.