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Oncology Massage

Oncology Massage is a powerful ally for anyone undergoing cancer treatment.
A specialised Oncology Massage from Toni Nicol therapies can be an effective tool for reducing often unbearable and incapacitating symptoms associated with treatment and the cancer.
As a qualified practitioner in Oncology Massage my Oncology Massages are a wonderful way to help care for patients physically, emotionally and mentally. Specialised massage during treatment can help with pain management, anxiety, depression, nausea and fatigue and has been known to improve mental clarity and outlook on life. Massage treatment is non-invasive and natural.

An oncology massage can help to deliver a reprieve from the day to day worries of medication and management whilst undergoing treatment.

Relief through therapeutic massage can also provide the client a wonderful change from routine in the mist of all the emotional chaos of a diagnosis of cancer and time away from draining cancer treatments.

Countless research studies indicate that the healing power of touch activates natural opiates and endorphin’s in the body to neutralise the effects of stress.

Massage provides care and nurturing for those people diagnosed with chronic or terminal illness. Gentle soothing massage is beneficial in times of illness or stress, especially for those at end of life. Massage can sometimes assist with side effects of medications, release natural endorphins to help the body fight pain, reduce anxiety and contribute to a better quality of life.

“In Australia, the Sydney Adventist Hospital – which has a strong commitment to complementary medicines such as reflexology, meditation and acupuncture – now employs a qualified massage therapist to work alongside the oncology team.”

Joske also says there is no research to support concerns that massage might spread cancer. His view is backed by the New South Wales Cancer Council, which states “light, relaxing massage can be given safely to people at all stages of their cancer journey”. The Council has moved to dispel fears in a pamphlet “Massage and Cancer: an introduction to the benefits of touch”. The pamphlet states, “cancer may metastasise (spread) into the lymphatic system via the lymph nodes, or it may start in the lymphatic system itself. However, the circulation of lymph – from massage or other movement – does not cause cancer to spread.”

Misnomers of Cancer:

Most of us have the belief that massaging a person with cancer will be detrimental to their healing. It is quite natural to assume will cause the cancer to spread via the lymphatic system.

It is a well known fact that cancer can spread via the lymphatic system. Contrary to popular belief, cancer is spread because of changes to the structure in a cell’s DNA. It can NOT be spread involuntarily through movement or massage.

A specialised oncology massage, to provide comfort; can be safely given to anyone suffering from cancer at any stage of his or her journey pre or post treatment. An oncology massage differs from regular massage treatments as the masseuse is not working on tight muscles or assisting with muscular injuries. A specialised oncology massage with adjustments, can be customised for your needs.

Instead of being harmful, the opposite is quite true. Cancer massage can offer so many benefits.

The side effects of cancer and its treatment can be lessened through an oncology massage, and improve the quality of life for the patient. Scientific research shows that massage can reduce:

•    fatigue
•    pain
•    anxiety
•    depression
•    nausea

The emotional health and well-being is vital in the cancer journey. A positive outlook is fundamental to the success of recovery. A soothing oncology massage can help the patient feel ‘normal’ again. Even a brief respite from the suffering of cancer or side-effects of conventional treatment can offer hope to the patient.

A gentle massage can be given to your loved one by family or fiends as well as a professional therapist.


Oncology Massage Training is dedicated to training fully qualified massage and Bowen therapists to treat those with a diagnosis or history of cancer effectively and safely. It aims to ensure national benchmarks and standards of care are met by its therapists.” – http://www.oncologymassagetraining.com.au/


Toni Nicol, owner/manager of Toni Nicol therapies

is an accredited practitioner, certified through

Oncology Massage Training.


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