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Carers Treat

All too often care for chronic disease or palliative care is focused solely on the patient. And rightly so.

Sadly the role of carer is often overlooked. It is often physically demanding and emotionally challenging. 
There will be many times when you as carer will need time to readjust to rapidly changing scenarios. Take time out to recharge yourself and your emotions.

At Toni Nicol therapies you can take advantage of this offer to receive a treatment that will focus solely on you leaving you invigorated and relaxed ready to cope with those heavy demands.

I understand that your time is precious, but we must also take care of ourselves. If not, we will become exhausted, our immune system will suffer and we just won’t be able to cope.

Getting away for even thirty minutes or if time allows, one hour a week to have a massage will, relax, re-balance and recharge your system.
Let me at Toni Nicol therapies offer you a treatment that will focus solely on – leaving you invigorated, relaxed and ready to cope with those heavy demands.
Treatments can be half to one hour, includes a relaxing herbal tea before your treatment to give you a little more time to unwind before your treatment.

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Toni Nicol Therapies offers holistic healing and relaxation using Bowen Therapy and Massage. Clients from as far afield as Christmas Creek, Lamington to the Tweed utilise Toni's tailored bodywork treatment plans to promote general health and well-being.